Little Cousins

Sunday 30th of April 2017

Little cousins 3

Tara was very excited!

Thaththa said Uncle Edward and his family were to visit them.

Uncle Edward was the youngest brother of Tara’s father.

His wife was Aunt Ama.

They had a three year old daughter.

Her name was Chaya.

Besides Chaya, there was a baby boy also in the family now.

Tara had not seen her baby cousin yet.

Finally, they arrived on a Saturday afternoon.

Aunt Ama came out of the car carrying the baby.

Chaya was holding on to Uncle Edward's hand.

Amma had organized the visitor’s room for them.

Tara waited impatiently until the baby was kept on the bed.

"Oh Aunt Ama, he is so cute!" said Tara softly.

She kept staring at the baby.

Aunt Ama tried to put the baby to sleep.

Chaya was getting restless.

She started talking loudly to get attention.

Tara knew that Chaya felt neglected.

Tara looked at Chaya.

She was wearing a pretty dress.

"Oh Chaya, what a lovely dress you are wearing!" Tara told her cousin.

Chaya blushed.

Tara took Chaya’s little hand and took her out of the room.

Aunt Ama was relieved.

Tara took Chaya to the garden.

She asked Chaya to tell the colours of the flowers.

When Chaya got the colour right, Tara congratulated her.

They spoke about butterflies and letters in the alphabet.

After some time, Aunt Ama walked upto them.

"Baby fell asleep. Thanks for keeping Chaya occupied" she whispered to Tara.

"You are welcome" said Tara, smiling.


Who was the new member of Uncle Edward’s family?

Why did Chaya speak loudly when her mother tried to put the baby to sleep?

For what did Aunt Ama thank Tara?