A Sleepless Night

Wednesday 26th of April 2017

Sleepless night 3 (1)

Tarun was in a funny mood.

He was listening to music the entire afternoon.

When he got too energized by it he danced for a bit with his headphones on.

Tara found it so funny.

She laughed out loud.

Amma, however, was not amused.

"Give your ears some rest, Tarun!" she told Tarun.

Tarun removed the headphones so that he could hear her.

Amma repeated herself.

"School holidays, Amma!" said Tarun, putting his headphones back.

Tara found her brother listening to music even after dinner.

The next morning Tarun was unusually quiet.

He hardly spoke during breakfast.

"Anything wrong, Tarun?" asked Thaththa.

"I couldn’t sleep properly last night," he said clumsily.

"I was tossing and turning the whole night" he added.

Tara had a closer look at her brother.

His eyes were puffed up.

"This is the result of going to bed with loud music!" Amma told him crossly.

"I did tell you to give your ears some rest!" she reminded.

Tara was surprised.

"Does music disturb sleep, Amma?" she asked curiously.

"The loud and fast music energizes our brain. One cannot sleep when the brain is too active!" explained


"Slow soothing music on the other hand puts one to sleep" said Thaththa, joining the conversation.

"Everyday, I fall asleep peacefully without any music!" said Tara triumphantly.

"That’s because you go to bed at the same time every day" pointed out Amma.

"When you have a routine you feel naturally sleepy at bed time" she said.

After breakfast Thaththa left for work.

Tarun went to the garden bench.

He never played loud music afterwards.


What did Tarun do when he was too energized by the music?

According to Amma, what had given Tarun a sleepless night?

When does one feel naturally sleepy at bed time like Tara?