Honey Cake

Sunday 23rd of April 2017

Honey Cakes

The flu bug was everywhere!

So many in the village suffered from it.

Charlie and Curly both got the flu.

Curly recovered soon.

However, Charlie took a few more days to get better.

He coughed nonstop.

His throat was sore.

Charlie lost his appetite.

He refused to eat anything and was getting thinner and thinner.

Doctor Berry, the big squirrel came and saw Charlie.

He gave soe medicine and said that Charlie should be fine soon.

However, Mama Rabbit was worried.

She made Charlie’s favourite soups and buns.

Charlie did not even look at them.

Deer Mama Cutie dropped by one day.

She felt sorry for Charlie.

“Why don’t you try honey cakes?” she asked Mama Rabbit.

“Charlie loves honey” she reminded Mama Rabbit.

Mama Rabbit thought for a second.

“Yes, that’s a good idea. Thank you Cutie!” replied Mama Rabbit.

After Cutie left, Mama Rabbit started baking honey cake.

She added a lot of honey and raisins to the cake.

When the cake was still hot from the oven, she cut it into pieces.

Curly was reading a story to Charlie when Mama Rabbit entered the room with the cake.

Charlie got the aroma of the cake.

“I can’t eat” he said at first.

“This is honey cake, Charlie. Just try having a small bite,” said Mama Rabbit.

She put a small piece of cake into Charlie’s mouth.

Charlie started chewing it.

Once he finished swallowing it, he looked at the tray again.

“Want more?” asked Mama Rabbit.

Charlie nodded.

Mama Rabbit started feeding Charlie with more pieces of honey cake.

Curly continued to read the story to her brother.