Lucky Charlie

Sunday 16th of April 2017

Lucky Charlie

Uncle Roger stayed for five days.

After he was gone, Charlie was feeling awfully lonely.

Charlie had had such a good time with his uncle.

Uncle Roger had taught him how to play the guitar.

When Charlie and his friends played cricket, his uncle joined them too.

"Charlie, you had better get back to your books now!" reminded Mama Rabbit.

"You did not read a single book when Uncle Roger was here" she added.

Charlie went to the study table.

He tried to read the literature book.

However, he could not concentrate anymore.

He went looking for his sister Curly.

She was in the garden.

"Curly, can you read this page aloud for me?" he asked.

Curly started reading.

She had always been helpful with Charlie's studies.

After reading the page, Curly asked a few questions from what she had read.

Charlie could only answer a few.

Curly patiently explained what Charlie could not answer.

Mama Rabbit walked into the garden.

"Charlie, you are lucky to have a sister like Curly" she said smiling.

Charlie smiled. He knew what Mama Rabbit said was true.