Uncle Roger’s Walks

Sunday 9th of April 2017

Long walks

Uncle Roger loved long walks.

Every evening he walked around the village.

He wore his colourful clothes when he went on these walks.

The whole village used to stare at him.

Children hid behind trees and looked at him.

Uncle Roger did not notice this.

He was enjoying the greenery and the weather.

Often, Charlie used to go with Uncle.

"Wow, what a beautiful village you have got here!" he used to tell Charlie.

Charlie had not thought about it before.

However, he thought it must be true now that his uncle had said so.

One day, they bumped into Mama Deer Cutie and her son Chubby.

"This is Aunty Cutie, our Mama’s friend!" said Charlie.

Uncle Roger bowed to her.

"This is my friend Chubby!" said Charlie, pointing at Chubby.

"How are you Chubby?" asked Uncle Roger.

Chubby blushed.

"This is my father’s brother, Uncle Roger," explained Charlie.

"Well, Mama Rabbit has told us about Mr. Roger!" replied Cutie.

"Oh, so you have heard about me!" said Uncle Roger, smiling.

"We are going to the Rabbit house" Cutie told Uncle Roger.

"Curly has some sweets with her. Ask her to give some to Chubby!" Uncle Roger told Cutie.

"Oh, thank you so much!" said Cutie.

Chubby loved sweets.

"Thank you, Uncle!" Chubby too thanked Uncle Roger.