Gifts For All

Sunday 2nd of April 2017

Charly-gift new

Uncle Roger looked at Curly and Charlie.

He opened a bag and took out a box.

"This is for you!" he said looking at Charlie.

Charlie walked up to him blushing.

"Open it and tell me whether you like it," his uncle told him.

Charlie opened the box.

He could not believe his eyes.

Sitting on a soft velvet stand was a toy guitar!

Charlie was too scared to touch it.

"Take it and see whether you can play it," said Uncle Roger, playfully.

Charlie took the guitar out of the box with both hands.

He turned to his parents.

Charlie’s sister Curly leaned in to see what it was.

"How beautiful!" she thought.

"Say thank you to Uncle!" said Mama Rabbit, as she reminded Charlie not to forget his manners.

"Thank you!" Charlie told Uncle Roger shyly.

"You are welcome, child!" said Uncle, smiling.

Next, he turned towards Curly.

"This is for you!" he said handing a long box to Curly.

It was heavy.

He helped Curly to open it.

What did Curly see inside the box?

A small organ.

Curly’s eyes glistened with excitement.

She thanked Uncle Roger.

"So you like it. I will show you how to play it later!" said Uncle Roger.

He also gave a box of chocolates to the children.

Papa Rabbit got a new suit and a bag from Uncle Roger.

Mama got a handbag.

"Roger, you have to spend a few days here!" said Papa.

"Don’t think of rushing back," he added.

"Yes yes, the children should get to know their uncle better!" said Mama, smiling.

"Do you want me to stay?" Uncle Roger asked Curly and Charlie.

"Yes!" they both said.

"Then, I’ll stay!" said Uncle Roger, stroking the children's heads.

"Let me get you some tea!" said Mama, rushing to the pantry.

"Come with me, Roger!" said Papa, leading Uncle Roger to the visitor’s room.