Story of Uncle Roger

Sunday 26th of March 2017


Papa Rabbit came into the house in top speed.

The visitor got up and smiled broadly.

It was then that Curly noticed the dimples of the visitor.

They looked just like Papa’s.

Papa Rabbit kept staring at the visitor.

The visitor slowly walked towards Papa.

Papa hugged the visitor tight.

Tears poured down the eyes of both.

Mama Rabbit too was wiping her eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Charlie and Curly wondered aloud.

They were confused.

The three adults realized that the children needed an explanation.

Papa Rabbit started telling the story.

Uncle Rabbit had been a very mischievous child.

However he was very attached to Papa Rabbit.

Immediately after Papa and Mama had gotten married, Uncle Roger had gone missing.

There had been all kinds of stories about him.

After about three years, there was some news.

A relative of theirs had told the villagers that he had seen Roger in a big town.

He said Roger was part of a music band.

Nobody had believed that.

Roger had never been interested in music when he was at home.

So everyone thought it must have been someone else.

The whole family had been in tears for years.

“Let me tell the rest of the story!” Uncle Roger obliged.

The big brother of Papa and Uncle Roger had been looking for Roger for years.

A few weeks back, he had finally met Uncle Roger.

As the relative had said he had been with a music band.

Over the years he had earned a lot of money.

Roger had told the elder brother to keep the meeting as a secret.

He had gotten Papa’s address from his elder brother and sent the letter.

“So that’s how you got the address. You met big brother!” said Papa Rabbit, smiling.

“Yes, and big brother told me you have two children, a girl and a boy!” said Uncle Roger.

“Now, shall we open the gifts I brought for children?” he asked looking at Charlie and Curly.

The two children beamed.

Uncle Roger gave two boxes each to Charlie and Curly.