Sunday 19th of March 2017


Sunday arrived.

Charlie and Curly were too excited to even have their breakfast.

However, Mama Rabbit made them eat their food.

Papa Rabbit went to the grocery.

Mama Rabbit got busy with her baking.

Charlie and Curly hung around the gate.

They were looking at the road.

So many people came and left the grocery.

All of a sudden a strange looking rabbit came down the road.

He was wearing a white shirt with big red dots on it.

His trousers were also made of the same material.

The tall red hat that he was wearing only added to his funny appearance.

Charlie and Curly had never seen anyone like that before.

They turned back and ran into the house.

“Mama, Mama! A strange person is coming!” they told Mama Rabbit.

Mama Rabbit walked into the garden.

The strange looking rabbit stopped at the gate.

He looked at Mama and called her by her name.

“Alice, can’t you recognize me? Where is Richard?” he asked.

Richard was Papa Rabbit’s name.

Mama had a confused look on her face.

She had not known anyone like that before!

The funny looking rabbit removed the sunglasses he was wearing.

Mama Rabbit opened her mouth.

It took some time for her to get over her surprise.

“Oh Roger, you have changed so much!” said Mama Rabbit.

She turned towards Charlie and Curly.

“Children, this is your father’s younger brother, Uncle Roger!” she said smiling.

“Come Roger, come in! I will call Richard..” she said.

Uncle Roger sat on the sofa.

Charlie and Curly kept staring at him.

They were too scared to go near him.