Sunday 12th of March 2017


Charlie the rabbit boy was waiting at the gate.

He was waiting for the postman.

Postman Merryl was the uncle of Charlie’s friend Willy the monkey boy.

Charlie had got some sweets from his aunt the previous day.

He kept a few to be sent to Willy through the postman.

Finally the postman Merryl appeared from far.

Charlie ran towards him.

“Wait wait, there’s a letter for your Papa. Will deliver that first!” said Merryl, smiling.

“Okay, Uncle!” said Charlie as he waited patiently.

After a minute or so Postman Merryl returned and collected Charlie’s parcel.

Charlie waited till Merryl disappeared from the far end of the road.

After that he went into the house.

He found Papa Rabbit there talking to Mama Rabbit.

They both looked confused.

“Who could that be?” Mama Rabbit asked Papa Rabbit.

“I can’t think of anyone!” replied Papa.

Charlie looked at Mama and Papa.

“What is it, Papa?” he asked.

“There is a letter from someone saying he will visit us next Sunday!” Papa started explaining.

“However the name of the person is not there,” continued Papa.

“He has only placed his signature at the bottom of the letter!” he added.

“We can’t figure out who it is from the signature,” said Mama, joining in.

Charlie could not think of anything.

He took the letter from Papa.

The letter said that the person had some gifts for Charlie and his sister Curly as well.

Charlie jumped in joy.

“Oh, he is bringing gifts for us!” he said excitedly.

“But we don’t know who the person is Charlie!” reminded Mama.

“But he is bringing gifts!” said Charlie.

“Yes, but we have to wait till next Sunday” said Mama.

Charlie returned the letter to Papa and started running.

“Where are you off to now?” asked Papa.

“I am going to break the news to Curly!” said Charlie, running towards the backyard.