Big Bird Canteen

Monday 6th of March 2017


Jude the peacock was angry.

Jude was the canteen keeper of the Big Bird section of the Bird school.

However, as much as he tried to keep the canteen neat he was unable to do that.

The crows, woodpeckers and other big birds made it messy.

Everyday, the canteen looked like a battleground after the interval.

Pieces of food were everywhere, on tables and all over the ground.

Soft drinks were spilled all over the canteen.

The Bird school principal Mr. Hoot the owl made a suggestion.

“Let’s get the big birds to watch the small bird canteen during the interval!” he proposed.

So one day when the small birds were at the canteen, the big birds watched them from afar.

“Look how neatly they keep the tables and how elegantly they eat!” Mr. Hoot told the big birds.

The big birds felt bad.

They knew that they had been irresponsible.

However there were things beyond their control as well.

Their big beaks did not help them to break food into small pieces like small birds did.

The big bird students started talking among themselves.

It turned out to be a loud din.

“What are you talking about?” asked Mr. Hoot.

A mischievous crow student started talking.

“Excuse me Sir, the small birds have small beaks so they can eat nicely!” said the student.

“Sir, the plates at canteen are too small for us!” said a woodpecker.

“If we can have bigger plates we may be able to eat without spilling!” said another crow.

The canteen keeper Jude the peacock preened his lovely feathers.

“I cannot afford another set of plates as they are expensive!” he told the students.

Mr. Hoot thought for a while.

He turned to the students.

“Can you bring your own cups and plates from home?” he asked.

“Okay, Sir!” said the students.

That settled the matter.

From the following day, the big birds brought their own cups and plates to school.

They could not eat as gently as the small birds did, but they did not spill food as earlier.

Jude was so happy.

“You saved me from a lot of trouble, Sir!” he told Mr. Hoot gratefully.