Sewing As A Skill

Sunday 22nd of January 2017

Sewing As A Skill 3

Tara was playing with her pet dog Shadow in the garden.

She saw Tarun seated on the garden bench.

He had his scout uniform in hand.

Tara got curious.

She walked towards her brother and sat next to him.

Tara was quite surprised by what she saw.

Tarun was sewing a scout patch to his scout uniform.

Tara did not know that her brother could sew!

“Aiya, why are you sewing that patch to the uniform?” she asked.

“The sewing of the patch had got loose. It was hanging from the uniform. I am sewing it back,” he


Tara watched her brother’s sewing for some time.

He was doing it very neatly.

After he finished they both went into the house.

While Tarun went to his room Tara went looking for Amma.

“Amma, Amma! Aiya knows to sew!” she said out loud.

“So.. isn’t that good?” asked Amma.

Tara blushed.

“But, he is a boy!” she said smiling.

“Sewing is a skill, like cooking or driving, anyone can learn sewing” said Amma, smiling.

“How did he learn? Did you teach him?” asked Tara.

“No. He had learnt it during one of his scouting workshops!” replied Amma.

“He does it very nicely, and he is as good as you, Amma!” said Tara, with a lot of enthusiasm.

“Yes, I have seen him sewing a couple of times!” said Amma.

Tara thought for a while.

She had also learnt the basics of sewing from her mother sometime back.

However she could not continue them.

“Amma, I want to start my sewing lesson again!” she said looking down.

“Well, that’s good. You can start now itself” said Amma, smiling.

“Bring my sewing basket like a good girl,” she added.

Tara ran to her parents’ room to bring the sewing basket.


What was Tarun doing while seated on the garden bench?

What did Amma say about sewing as a skill?

Why did Tara run to her parents’ room?